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Jewish Experience

Marcelo Toledo has always felt a deep empathy with the Jewish community for reasons of tradition, passion and admiration for Judaic goldsmithing, but more deeply for its roots.

And in this beautiful initiative he expresses this empathy through a large variety of pieces that include traditional designs and contemporary versions.

Menorahs, kiddush cups, hanukkah lamps, mezuzahs and other precious objects

The Talmud says “There is no joy without wine” and this is what we will do, we will celebrate drinking kosher wine from beautiful silver and gold cups hand-carved by the artist.

We will tour his workshop, we will watch the making of special pieces made to order as we have the possibility to have a face-to-face conversation with him.

We will visit his gallery and get to know the story behind the work Infinite, part of his exhibition at the Jewish Museum of Buenos Aires next to the Libertad Temple. All the works in this exhibition were totally made with scrap material bought from urban recyclers victims of gender violence.

His work on the AMIA attack, his great hanging piece on the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting in Pennsylvania, as well as the homage pieces to the Israel Embassy attack in Buenos Aires and to Munich massacre during the Olympic Games and his great site specific that comprises all attacks against the Jewish community in the world, all of these works and others are part of his latest exhibition “The shadow that never found its owner, architecture of absence” displayed at the Jewish Museum next to the Libertad Temple in Buenos Aires.

And we can have the possibility to participate and collaborate in special community projects.

An excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in these stories.

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