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Sustainable Art


 Marcelo Toledo has built a long and prolific artistic career.  He started his goldsmith work at age 14 and since then he has been constantly creating and innovating.

Nature has always been a source of inspiration for Marcelo Toledo, flowers, leaves, grape bunches, have always been present and continue to embellish his works.

And one day he started to wonder if the metal he used would damage the environment; that was when he decided to put a different process in place.

 As a first step he began to buy metal scrap that he would melt and transform into an art piece.

And since that moment to date this has been one of his goals, not damaging the environment and continuing to practice his great passion, art.

This new endeavor has shaped his way of working, recycling metals and transforming out-of-use metal to resignify it.

His exhibition “Behind the Walls” for the UN was totally elaborated with metal bought from urban recyclers who are victims of gender violence.

In this way the artist generates a value chain, a chain of help and environmental awareness through his art.

In his latest exhibitions – Roots in Ukraine and DNA in Buenos Aires  –, Toledo interpellates himself about the environmental impact of the metal he uses, metal that is extracted by people working in poor conditions in the mines, and at the same time pollute the surrounding areas killing flora and fauna and creating environmental havoc.

For this reason he decided to organize this encounter as an opportunity create a space where to communicate his experience.


Through “Environment Art Experience” we will be exposed to recycling and recovery of precious metals and the alchemy performed by artists, transforming a simple piece of metal into a true art product.

We will get to know his sites specific in open areas, the narrative behind each project and the elaboration process.

We will organize special group visits to urban areas or open spaces to collect waste and scrap, we will classify the material and learn reutilization patterns.

And then the artist will utilize them in new creations.

Art and environment, art and nature, land art, all of them nurture us and make us better human beings.

We believe that this experience will help us stimulate our senses and makes us aware of the huge contribution we can all make.

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