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Wine and Art

Wine making and metal art a have a central element in common, Mother Earth, the great giver.

The Earth gives us the grapes that winemakers use to produce our best wines, and Mother Earth gives us the metal our artists use to elaborate great works of art.

We will visit the workshop and the art gallery of Marcelo Toledo, ranked among the most prestigious artists in the world.

We will get to know stories and anecdotes on the favorite wines of iconic women of the 20th century as well as of the major leaders and celebrities of the world while we enjoy the famous metal mosaic portraits made by the artist and his team.


Also, winemaking and metal art owe much to the Jesuits who brought the first vine shoots from Europe, along with the liturgy rituals with gold and silver chalices and glasses.

The combination of these two elements will be the starting point in our art and wine experience.


We will get to know stories and anecdotes on the favorite wines of iconic women of the 20th century…

A professional sommelier will be guiding us along a wine tasting in gold and silver cups and jugs designed and carved by the artist. We can also be part of a different experience and taste the wines in crystal, silver and gold glasses.

And the wine tasting can be marinated with cold cuts and sausages and artisanal cheeses, or with a selection of home-made chocolates.

The same experience can go with different types of Champagne.

Dare to submerge yourself in this totally ludicrous experience and let your five senses do the rest.

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