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Workshop Experience

Be a private witness to the amazing universe of metals
in Marcelo Toledo’s great workshop. 

Take a tour of the diverse techniques displayed by the artist and his team.

During this guided tour you will be exposed to every detail of the work in a live experience with one of the best etal artists in Argentina.

Learn about welding, melting, recycling of metals and jewelry making techniques and enjoy the backstage of the production of  upcoming exhibitions, seasoned by stories and inspiring anecdotes on the works designed for great personalities like the jewelry collection for the musical Evita in Broadway with Ricky Martin and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Large scale works, mosaic art and painting on metals.

Private classes of metalsmithing and work with metals.

Learn about chisel art, embossing, forging and the diverse ancestral techniques used for making candlesticks, flower vases, cutlery, frames and large works of contemporary art.

And, for a perfect finale, take a private visit of the artist’s gallery in front of Plaza Dorrego, in the historical neighborhood of San Telmo.

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